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I would like everyone to know that I am being threatened by Northern Leasing. I was never the owner of the company that the credit card terminal was leased for.

As the manager of the company, I signed the lease agreement. Please note that the company had a sole proprietor ownership, I was simply an employee. The owner of this company has now died and because I signed the lease, and although I have no legal ties to that now closed company, Northern leasing is threatening to come after me for payments due through October of 2017. I realize now that I should not have signed the contract, but the salesman knew from the beginning that I was not the owner.

The credit card terminal was never used by me for personal gain and they said I cannot break the contract. I was told that it did not matter even if I was a cleaning lady at the company, as long as my name is on the contract, I am responsible. Did I mention that the company's owner is deceased and that the company no longer exists? Furthermore, Northern Leasing has no problem with the salesman who allowed me to sign, when it was clear that I was not the owner.

I am aware that ignorance is not in effect an excuse for breaking the law, but common sense and good ethics would allow a company to realize that a mistake had in fact been made by the salesman and would understand that the contract should expire with the death of the owner. These people are relentless bullies, and they have threatened to sue me if I don't pay. When I asked if there was a way to end the contract through an early termination, I was given buy out/settlement pricing first of $2100.., if I kept the equipment, when I said no, I was next given a price of $1800.00 if I sent the equipment back. I also said no to this offer.

I told them that I had no money to pay off a debt that essentially was attached to a company where the owner had died and the company no longer this point I was offered what the representative described as "the best he could do for me" $1395.00...really? There is 16 months left on this contract, first of all, I want to say that the business insurance company was covering this equipment so now that I have begun looking closely at everything I am finding out that they were charging a non compliance insurance fee of $4.95/month in addition to the base lease price of $90.00/per month. They should owe the company $$$ for overcharging, since there is proof of insurance coverage.

After doing the math and rereading the contract very closely, I am realizing that they are scam artists and I fell victim to their scam. Conveniently, the salesman who signed the company up no longer works for them.

Their last fantastic offer of $1395.00 to settle and end the contract breaks down to $87.19/month. A GENEROUS savings of $2.81/month. Now that I am reading the contract, it states that even after the expiration of the lease, you cannot return their equipment back to them without them charging you a $150.00 restocking fee. What????

I wish I had read everything more closely in the beginning, I didn't realize people are actually trained to ***, but these people are professionals, professional crooks.

The lesson to be learned here is that there are really bad people in the business world who would gladly take advantage of anyone in any situation at any time with no remorse, instead they take great pleasure in doing so. Beware!!!!

This reviewer shared experience about "non owner signed lease agreement as personal guarantor" and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any) as the author lost $1400. angry_person.10-17 is overall dissatisfied with Northern Leasing. The most disappointing about northern leasing equipment leasing at Northern Leasing was suck, how i was treated and legal fraud Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I too am being sued personally by this company for $9056.00. Also manager of a company that is a corporation.

They didn't even go after the company just me! Have put it on my personal credit report as well.

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